Research & Development

Nahshon' specializes in research, development, creation and manufacturing of unique solutions, based on the team's extensive professional background, vast experience and proven expertise – manifested in the various projects. These solutions lead to reduction of time schedules, compliance with requirements, significant saving in resources – and the ability to assist its clients to succeed in meeting their obligations towards the project owner, as well as their professional and business goals.
We offer:
  • Defining unique and engineering solutions for projects' needs.
  • Creative approach to challenges, based on extensive engineering background, technical and marine experience.
  • Providing solutions, which lead to meeting project milestones, goals and schedules, significant cost savings, and resolution of special challenges.
  • Production of prototypes, including materials selection, customization to varying environments, and deployment as part of the project, supporting up to serial production, as well as management of contractors and manufacturers locally and abroad.