Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation

Nahshon Marine Constructions Ltd. specializes in the execution and construction of marine structures and infrastructures, including maintenance and rehabilitation.
The company has experience in marine projects such as:
  • Construction of docks and piers.
  • Building breakwaters
  • Construction of underwater structures.
  • Underwater cutting and welding.
  • Caissons settlings.
  • placing and removing of marine infrastructure.
  • Installation of docking stations, sinkers flotation belt and buoy .
  • Installation of protective fittings and harnesses for docks.

"Nahshon" offers comprehensive and professional maintenance services:
  • Maintenance of ports, desalination plants and marine / underwater structures.
  • Maintenance of underwater infrastructure including pipes, cables, anchoring stations and more.
  • Underwater painting.
  • Strengthening marine structures in danger of collapse.
  • Renovation of platforms.
  • Repair of buoys.
  • Conducting Lloyds' ship surveys.
  • Cleaning of ships concavity.