Quality Assurance and Inspection

Nahshon has extensive experience in quality assurance and inspection in a diverse marine environments. The following is a list of supervision and QA services that Nahshon has supplied to the customers:

  • Conducting Lloyd's surveys on ships and mobile offshore units.
  • Underwater surveys, video surveys, stills and accompanying reports.
  • Quality assurance and inspections during new port construction.
  • Soil and water sampling in marine environments.
  • Conducting non-destructive tests of vessels and underwater metal structures.
  • Providing marine services to the inspectors of the Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Collection of statistical data and conducting analysis for the Fisheries Department in the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Providing marine services to research organizations.

In order to meet the complex requirements of marine projects, our company offers unique engineering and technical solutions that match the requirements of the project with the marine environment.
These solutions lead to compliance with timetables, financial savings and are based on extensive technical and daily experience, engineering background and creative thinking.