Nahshon Marine Constructions is committed to excellence and leadership of the diving profession in Israel. We strive for continuous improvement in performance, facilities and results, while investing in training and developing the personal and professional abilities of each member of our staff.

Employees' safety and health are a paramount principle and way of life for us. The company acts uncompromisingly to prevent accidents by maintaining a safe work environment, raising employees' awareness and precise understanding of clear work and safety procedures, to prevent harm to our employees, clients and their property.

The company emphasizes the provision of excellent service to clients, strives to find and create accurate solutions to their needs while meeting the required deadlines
Nahshon believes in business fairness and a working environment in which it maintains an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect between itself and its clients, suppliers and employees.

Nahshon encourages innovation based on professional creativity, knowledge and experience. The Company strives to continue growth and development in its fields of activity.