Nahshon Marine Construction Ltd is among the leading Israeli companies in the field of commercial diving and marine construction.

Nahshon's experience is based on years of executing complex challenges in the marine environment: constructing, maintaining and repairing marine structures and infrastructures.

Our Team consists of accredited supervisors, certified commercial divers and IDF marine specialists working with a strong rear office which includes a quality assurance department and experienced marine engineers.

Working side by side with our clients, and based on our wide experience identifying potential problems and implementing innovative and creative solutions in order to meet the schedule, quality and budget required by our clients, we always look out for our clients best interests.

We are Lloyd's Register approved service supplier. The company is a member of IDSA and works under the ISO 9001 code.

Nahshon is proud to be the contractor which has been chosen to carry out many projects by national and international organizations, including government ministries, the military industry, construction companies, research organizations and design companies.