Professional Specialties and Certifications

"Nahshon" is Israel's leading marine projects and professional diving services company, member of international top-tier organizational, and acknowledged by all the relevant accreditation entities:
  • Official and accredited provider of the Lloyd's Register organization
  • Member of the IDSA organization
  • Certified in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards
  • Working in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Economy and Employment

"Nahshon" high level of performance and professional standards is based on its large and highly experienced team, holding the most advanced certifications in professional scuba diving, both from special units in the IDF, and from leading international entities, including:

  • Underwater sabotage certifications
  • Marine welding and cutting certifications from Lloyd's Register
  • Commercial skippers, marine mechanics, engineers in various disciplines

"Nahshon" is the only company in Israel, employing several IDC certified supervisors ADC (Link), Interdive (Link), as well as 5 Interdive certified supervisors, qualified to supervise over a professional diving team; dry diving works, diving in various pressure structures, including pressure chambers and working in an enclosed space. The company's team also includes a large number of experienced project managers, expert in various professional disciplines.

"Nahshon's" areas of expertise, integrated in the various projects as needed, include: