Construction and Supervision

Leading Construction Services

"Nahshon" offers the most comprehensive, top-notch construction and supervision services available in Israel to-date, through its professional teams, holding long term experience in design, execution and deployment of complex projects for local and international clients.
Among solutions and services:
  • Construction using suitable body protection and helmets
  • Construction of docks, peers and wave breakers
  • Laying rocks and underwater arrangement of stones
  • Building underwater structures
  • Underwater cutting and welding
  • Working with tenonings and piles
  • Underwater reinforcements
  • Submerging of caissons
  • Laying and maintenance of oil pipelines
  • Docking systems, sinkers and buoys
  • Installation of fenders
  • Professional supervision over all areas of activity

"Nahshon" is the only company in Israel, providing comprehensive professional service and Turn-Key solutions, supporting projects according to needs, including:
  • Specification of requirements, analysis of tenders, RFI's and plans, construction, equipment rental, building engineering accessories and unique facilities, supervision and ongoing maintenance services.
  • Professional consulting and overall support towards regulatory entities, projects developers, public and government entities for local and foreign companies.

Special Supervision Services

Among the special supervision services "Nahshon" provides its clients:
  • Supervision over ports construction (Polynom – the new submarines port), including: Diving into various water reservoirs, monitoring quality of works – measuring depths and distances, taking soil and water samples (testing contamination levels in compliance with regulations), analysis of results, interface with professional test labs, measuring the wall thickness of marine vessels and underwater metal structures – ensuring durability under loads.
  • Streamlining processes
  • Performance evaluation, taking into account future functionality; defining and providing on-site solutions.
  • Authorization of original solutions – engineering compliance with needs and functionality.
  • Performing audits
  • Periodical sampling
  • Supporting reports, video surveys
  • Gathering statistical and physical data for government offices and other public entities