Nahshon Marine Construction Ltd. is Israel's leader in marine construction and professional engineering services, providing extensive occupational diving solutions. The company specializes in planning, execution and deployment of complex projects, and in comprehensive support of its clients – from identification of needs, structuring and implementation of unique solutions, while meeting milestones, specifications and overall customer support – up to successful conclusion of each project.

The approach that leads "Nahshon", is perceiving our clients as partners, and striving to reaching the most effective, optimal and best-suited solutions for every technical, engineering and business need of each client and project – including design, construction and set—up of special facilities and equipment, and providing professional to any need. We draw our satisfaction from well-met professional challenges, based on our vast experience, pro-active approach, and the possibility to create and manufacture innovative solutions.

The company employs the largest expert team in Israel (100+ professional team members), graduates of elite naval units, certified diving instructors, select multi-cultural ?team members, administrative staff, commercial sailing pro's, as well as control an operational teams(Team).

"Nahshon" is a leader in execution of complex projects in all marine environments – underwater construction, naval services, facilities maintenance, underwater pipeline solutions, marine vessels' repair, salvage, working in a naval space, underwater surveys, underwater concrete casting, working in a pressure chamber and a surrounded space, etc. (Learn More)

"Nahshon" is an official and qualified supplier of the "Lloyd's Register" organization, performing marine surveys, as well as a certified and exclusive provider in Israel of Esab – a leading international company, specializing in advanced technology products for professional diving.

The company is a member of the international IDSA organization, and had been awarded the most comprehensive international certifications held by any company in Israel, and adheres to the most stringent quality standards in all its operations, including the ISO 9001 certification.
"Nahshon" is proud to be the go-to service provider of leading local and international entities, including government offices, defense industries, local and foreign construction companies, as well as planning, engineering and supervision firms.